Frequently Asked Questions

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For any questions concerning a purchase of one of our designs, please contact the store where you bought the item. Thank you

Delfyn Software Screensavers

No. All of our screensavers are now free.
The full versions of Unfolding Flowers and Easter Egg Fun are available to download. Free Registration Codes are provided for all other screensavers. Please see each individual screensaver page for details.

There is a link on each individual screensaver page to a free Registration Code.
Unfolding Flowers and Easter Egg Fun do not require registration.

Your personal Registration Code contains two parts: 1. Name 2. Keycode Please enter the name and keycode EXACTLY as stated in the two spaces provided in the registration box of the program. An extra space or period will cause the registration to fail.

Minimize all of your windows. Right click on a blank spot of your desktop and click Personalize (or Properties in older Windows versions). Click Screen Saver. Select the screen saver from the list and click Settings.
Start button > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization
Change Screen Saver > Settings button
(for older versions of Windows)
Start button > Control Panel > Display Properties > Screen Saver tab > Settings button of the Display Properties.

Make sure the program has been registered. To verify, go to the program's Help > About (or Info) menu. Some of the options can be selected for each individual scene but are grayed out when the user chooses "Random". This enables you to customize each scene.
Go to the Screen Saver's setting panel and choose any scene except Random. You should now see all of the options available. Continue down the list of scenes to adjust the options for each scene to your liking.

The Wave (sounds) and Midi (music) sound settings must be enabled on your system. Double click on the speaker icon in the system tray. Make sure the volumes for Wave and Midi are turned up and the Mute box is not checked.

Absolutely not. Our programs do not contain adware or spyware of any kind.

After Downloading: 1. Go to "Start" and click "Run". 2. "Browse" to the directory where you saved the file and click on the file. 3. Click Open, click OK. The program will install itself onto your computer.

To uninstall our programs, go to Control Panel. Click on Add/Remove Programs. Scroll down the list until you find the name of the program. Click on Add/Remove. OR Click Start > All Programs > Delfyn Software >(Name of Program)> Uninstall (Name of Program)