Dolphin Dreams

For Windows PC

Enjoy dolphins anytime of the day or night!

Dolphin Dreams is a playful screensaver with up to 12 dolphins jumping on your desktop. Enchanting and whimsical, this animated screen saver with sound is both relaxing and joyful to watch.

Lots of fun options and sounds!

Our dolphin screensaver includes the following scenes:
  • Ocean Play
  • Celestial Dolphin
  • Desktop Dolphin
  • Bubble Dolphin
  • Dolphin Over the Rainbow
  • Twilight Dolphin
  • Tropical Dolphin
  • Daybreak Dolphin
  • Random


  • Number of Dolphins ~ Choose up to 12 dolphins.
  • Speed ~ Effects how quickly the dolphin jumps.
  • Sound ~ Sounds can be turned on or off. Choose up to 4 sounds, a combination of 1 or more at a time. Customize each scene with selected sounds.
  • Bubbles~Choice of solid bubbles or clear.
  • Sparkles
  • Choose which direction the dolphin(s) will jump. (Left, Right, Both or Mixed)
  • Dolphins can now jump either In Sync or Out of Sync. (Some dolphins jump first, followed by the rest.)
  • Types of Jumps
    • Regular Jumps
    • Backflips
    • Full Flips
    • Baby Dolphin
    • Jumping with Ball
Dolphin Dreams requires the Microsoft VB6 runtime files. If you do not already have them installed on your system (most people do), you can download the Microsoft VB6 runtime installation file here.