A Christmas Tree

For Windows PC

A Christmas Tree for your Desktop!

Our Christmas screensaver brings your holiday to life as you decorate and create your own unique Christmas tree. Accompanied by 8 classic Christmas Carols, this screensaver can be controlled by you or randomly drawn by the computer.

Create thousands of different holiday trees!

Options for A Christmas Tree Screensaver include:


  • Desktop
    Your tree will magically draw and animate on your desktop.
  • Pick Your Own Color
    Choose from millions of colors for the background of your scene.
  • Random
    Have the computer choose the color randomly.
  • Christmas Eve
    Firelit room with snow falling outside.
  • Snowfield

Tree Color
Choose from up to 8 different colors of trees or choose Random and the computer will choose for you.

Sound can be turned on or off.
There are 8 songs available that you can select to be played randomly while the screensaver is running. Choose them all or choose your favorites.

  • O Christmas Tree · Silent Night
  • Deck the Halls
  • Carol of the Bells
  • God Rest Ye Merry
  • Good King Wenceslas
  • Hark the Herald Angels
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Choose the length of time the screensaver will snow, drop falling gifts, blink or pause when the scene is finished.

Drawing Speed
Adjust this setting to slow down or speed up the drawing/animation speed of the screensaver.

Choose from up to 48 ornaments from the categories below.

  • Traditional
  • Ice & Snow
  • Animals
  • Sports
  • Celestial

Random Ornaments
There are 2 ways to randomize ornaments.
  • Chosen Ornaments
    Random Randomizes only the ornaments you have chosen.
  • All Ornaments Random
    Randomizes all of the ornaments.
The following options occur after the tree is drawn.
  • Gifts
    Places gifts under the tree.
  • Falling Gifts
    Gifts fall from above and land under the tree.
  • Falling Snow
    Snow falls and builds up under the tree.
  • Sticky Falling Snow
    Snow falls and sticks to the tree.
  • Blinking
    Lights blink on the tree. This feature will work with or without ornaments.

Tree Toppers
Choose from nine different tree topper ornaments. Choose Random* to have the computer choose different toppers randomly.

Tree Stands
Choose from four different tree stands. Choose Random* to have the computer choose different stands randomly.

Choose Popcorn or colored tinsel.

A Christmas Tree requires the Microsoft VB6 runtime files. If you do not already have them installed on your system (most people do), you can download the Microsoft VB6 runtime installation file here.