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Delfyn Studios -

Delfyn Studios is a family-owned small business featuring the graphic art of Barbara Osumi. Her work can be found on products through various PODs (Print On Demand) companies such as Cafepress, Zazzle, Red Bubble and Fine Art America.

Barbara Osumi is a visual artist who began drawing with a passion at the age of 3. Her early works included pencil portraits, oil and acrylic paintings as well as ink and watercolor illustrations. She now enjoys exploring the wonders of the electronic age and digital art. She is the founder of Delfyn Studios and has created a wide variety of works including digital fine art, illustrations, textile designs and portraits.

Delfyn Software, formerly Flywheel Software and Dreamscenes, began developing fun and original screen savers in 1994. Our animated screensavers were unique with many options to provide hours of enjoyment. We originally offered shareware (trial) versions of our screensavers so users could try them free. We now offer free Registration Codes and software versions of these vintage screensavers.

We hope you enjoy our products.

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